Wounds Care

  • District Nursing (D.N) provides ACC funded wound care services to a number of individuals.
  • N have a number of visits for wound care management, frequently, months or follow ups.
  • The report is usually a hand sketched diagram, hard to interpratate.
  • The wound size is provided but with little description to assess healing.
  • The wound size reduces and increases without any descriptive information, hence making an approval of treatment and number of wound care sessions by the BMA’s hard.

Solution – Dermal Imaging

  • The D.N would be able to take a photograph of wound on day one of the wound care.
  • The D.N would then take a photograph on weekly bases to give pictorial history of how the wound is progressing. This will provide an opportunity for a visual assessment of wound care to the medical advisor.


  • Photos would be taken on a private device
  • Privacy breaches, the photo could be sent to a non ACC computer or provider
  • Inability of coloured printing at D.N to send the reports to ACC.

Solution – Dermal Imaging

  • The D.N will take a photo by a provided phone or device. The D.N will have a specific log in
  • Each patient will have a will have an ACC number, and specific case number for the wound (wound ID number).
  • The photo will be uploaded to a secure server, not available on the phone or device
  • Only ACC IP addresses could access the digital image library

More important are the special features provided by dermal imaging the application will do the as following:

  • It will take the photograph which will assess the wound in 3 dimensions (length, width and depth)
  • The application is precise to 1mm of measurement
  • Provides a comment box for the medical assessor
  • Provides a dynamic graph to show how the wound is responding to treatment
  • The graph would show increase or decrease in all parameters (length, width and depth) and severity of the wound
  • The ability to send selective photos for dermatological review (with ensuring privacy)
  • The image recognition technology would be used for image comparison
  • The application would help the medical advisor to compare images on the same view.