Welcome to Dermal Imaging

Dermal Imaging was established in 2014 as research collaboration between New Zealand based scientists working in the area of Dermatology and Digital Imaging.
Prime objective of this collaboration was to promote interdisciplinary research around the field of medical imaging. As a result to be able to propose robust solutions for higher productivity in health sector.
From its start, DI has been establishing strong working relationships with senior health practitioners and has acquired good understanding of the existing problems faced by global health community.

New Zealand Innovation Award: By MedCentral 2015


State-of-the-art technology for occupational health practitioners.

DI’s aim is to increase the overall efficiency of medical processes in order to reduce the medical cost for every patient.
Dermal Imaging System has been targeted as an aid to medical practitioners (mainly Dermatologists). The system scans the wound area with a handheld device (smartphone) and processes the visual data for human medical expert. The entire process is realtime and session is saved on a cloud with secure encryption.
First version of DI’s App called “Wound Care” has been launched in New Zealand with collaboration of various District Health Boards.
The usefulness of DI system also attracted major players in NZ Private sectors who showed great interest in adopting this system for various Rest Homes and Hospitals.

Doctor’s Login in Dermal Imaging App, Viewing Patient record and commenting


Wound Care Application

  • Uniquely leverages skills
  • Be connected, share the knowledge
  • Realtime visual information saves time
  • Secure cloud
  • No need for patient travel, reduced cost
  • Repeatable, traceable, durable, small, simple, robust
  • Remote support, more patients can be examined